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Hydroseeding a new lawn is an extremely fast and cost effective way to establish your new lawn. With this process the seed, fertilizer, lime and a cellulose fibre mulch are mixed with water and hydraulically sprayed onto a prepared soil surface.

Who We Are !

And what we do in Australia

Southern Hydroseeding has been specialising in a better and less expensive way to install new lawns for residential, commercial and sporting grounds since 1998.

We provide hydroseeding services throughtout Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales..

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Some facts

Why people choose us?

  • Delivery On Time.
  • Seed Protecting Multcher.
  • Economical Services.
  • Fast and efficient application.
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Michael Vincent

General Director

+61 (04) 1616 7324

Why Southern Hydroseeding is the best?

We specialize in Hydroseeding Lawns, Commercial Places, Artificial Grass

We have more than ten years of experience. This firm witnessed its establishment in the year 1998 which is an Australian owned company. Artificial grass turf is used in rugby pitches, football pitches, hockey fields, lawn tennis courts, baseball fields and golf greens. We offer innovative, proven scientifically, patent pending products.

So if You need to cover unsightly bare soil quickly and efficiently? Southern Hydroseeding has the answers.

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See how Our stuff Works

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